Searching for my egg donor Mom

Who is my Donor Mom?

Untold Wrongs of Anonymous Donor IVF?

    There are many untold things that go wrong with anonymous donor IVF that the industry never talks about. Parents are never warned against or protected against such situations. … Continue reading

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IVF Anonymous Donor Fraud

The following frightening case illustrates that donor anonymity (i.e. absence of transparency) poses a serious threat of donor fraud.

April 24, 2016 · 1 Comment

Why Not Freeze Your Own Eggs?

Rather than buying some anonymous else’s eggs, the technology to freeze one’s eggs seems to offer an infinitely better option. Facebook and Apple even pay their women employees who wish … Continue reading

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Mitosearch (

Thousands of people around the world are performing mtDNA genetic tests to better understand their maternal lineage and to find family matches. But, how can they compare their maternal mtDNA … Continue reading

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How Can a Genetic Mother Find Her Genetic Children?

It is surprisingly simple for a genetic mother to find her genetic children. All it takes is a simple genetic test. These days genetic tests are widely and publicly available … Continue reading

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Thoughts of an Egg Receiver Father

My girlfriend and I went to Barcelona in 2006 for an IVF through an anonymous egg donation.

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Anonymous Egg Donor Talks With Receiving Parents

I came across Leah Campbell’s blog post and decided to write an answer to it even though we are not her receiving parents.

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How to Find Your Genetic Family Members?

How to Find Your Genetic Family Members?

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Help Me Find My Donor Mom

“I was conceived in a test tube in the IVI lab (Barcelona) on a summer day in 2006. 

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The Myth of Altruistic Egg Donor

One of the most persistent lies of the IVF industry in Spain is the claim that egg donors perform their donations on an altruistic basis with the pure intention to … Continue reading

March 1, 2015 · Leave a comment

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